Paramour was created to be a boozy oasis in the sky with a commitment to time-honored traditions and hospitality standards allowing every client to be whisked away to an ideal of drink and service. Whatever the desires, Paramour shall deliver. Whether your poison is craft cocktails, wine, beer or bubbles, Paramour has the best of the best waiting on the top floor— a triple threat if you will, as she is stocked with the highest quality liquid vices available in this world. Liquor intermingles with wine that flows to beer and ultimately to the perfectly-crafted cocktail. The bountiful options allow the palate to be treated to something new upon each visit and the knowledgeable staff are there to help navigate the expansive menu. This bar exemplifies a excelsior level of service where everyone practices the art of discretion: this is called Paramour after all.



Christopher E. Ware

Straight from Texas’ panhandle, Christopher Ware brings his Amarillo-born hospitality straight to San Antonio via the rooftop drinkery that is Paramour. A true multi-tasker of responsibility, Ware joined the military while still in college, and was a United States Marine from 2000-2007, serving in Iraq. After Ware’s military duties ended, he moved to San Antonio and started working at locally acclaimed, Bohanan’s Bar and from 2010-2012, served as Head Bartender. After Bohanan’s, Ware was part of the opening team of Chef Jesse Perez’s Arcade Midtown Kitchen (now closed). At Paramour, Ware is all about perfection, and believes “a client should be able to walk through the door and be transported to an ideal alternative reality,” a reality that Ware personally created.

Christopher E. Ware

GM // Beverage Director

Mike Rogers

Originally from Southern California, Rogers has worn many hats in his life. He is a published author and was an accountant for twenty years before trading in his calculator for a wine key. Most of his time in the industry has been spent creating craft cocktails, most notably his time spent at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas. He also honed his craft in San Antonio at 1919.

Now with his sights set on one day opening his own bar, he is perfecting both the creative and business side of the industry at Paramour as a Manager.

Mike Rogers

Manager // Accounting

Karah Carmack

Karah Carmack, the bar manager at Paramour, has always been interested in the culinary world. Carmack’s father, a chef and nutritionist, taught his daughter how to cook at a young age. After becoming a bartender, she incorporated what her father taught her with her cocktail recipes. Carmack further honed those skills at the Esquire Tavern and with the Empty Stomach Restaurant Group in San Antonio before becoming the Bar Manager at Paramour.

Karah Carmack

Manager // Barback Lead

Jonny Yumol

Hailing from Manila, Philippines by way of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Jonathan “Jonny” Yumol is a dexterous addition to the Paramour drinkery. Knowing that a lifelong desk job would bore him, Yumol chose the hospitality route and hasn’t look back since. Along with 15 years in the service industry, Yumol was the bar manager at TBA and also worked at NAO of the Culinary Institute of America, both in San Antonio. From 2011-2012, he trained at the vaunted Esquire Tavern, Fast-forward a few years, and Yumol is setting up for efficiency, accuracy and most of all, success at Paramour.

Jonny Yumol

Manager // Quality Control


Corey Morris

A native of San Antonio, Morris stays because it is home and where he honed his craft cocktail skills. He got his start in the hospitality industry at Bohanan’s and then moved on to work at (now closed) Arcade Midtown Kitchen, and then Juniper Tar. Now bartending at Paramour, Corey is the kind of guy who would do anything to help a friend, and he brings that same mentality to serving his guests. For him it is all about creating experiences that last longer than a cocktail.

Corey Morris

Derik Cortez

Cortez began working in the service industry in 2000 as an extra way to make money on the weekends. Fourteen years later, Cortez has worked his way in and around bars, from bartender to general manager. Cortez received his mixology training at George’s Keep, and he received a Consejo Regulador Del Tequila (CRT) beginners certification in tequila, which is Mexico’s governing body of the tequila industry. He is looking to further his interest in tequila with other types of certifications. Now at Paramour, he continues with his craft training and knowledge behind the bar, serving up specialty cocktails and still eager to learn.

Derik Cortez

Roy Dutton

A native San Antonian, Dutton chose to stay in the city because of the people. He has a background in the military, which took him all over, and it is his achievements in the military that shaped him into who he is today. In addition to his background in the military he also has extensive experience in the hospitality industry. He has previously worked at the Faust Hotel Bar and Restaurant among other establishments. Along with the science that goes into bartending, Dutton, was fascinated with the history of spirits. Once guests begin to arrive Dutton enjoys talking to them, creating and serving them exceptional cocktails.

Roy Dutton

Misael Gonzalez

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Gonzalez fell in love with San Antonio quickly after moving there. His background is in human communication studies and debate, skills that he finds incredibly applicable to the hospitality industry. He got his start in the industry at Bar Du Mon Ami. Michael Rossetti, the owner, taught Gonzalez about creating a comfortable environment for guests. When it comes to craft cocktails, he learned mostly from reading and experimenting. Now as a bartender at Paramour, he is sure to help assist his team and any guest that needs attention.

Misael Gonzalez

Andy Hack

Hack was raised in a military family and moved around a lot but has always considered San Antonio home. He worked at Minnie’s Tavern and Rye House and further developed his bartending skills at Bohanan’s Steakhouse. His hard work paid off, Hack was named Best Bartender 2014 Critic’s Choice by San Antonio Current Magazine. When he is not making delicious cocktails, he is helping to provide hand cut ice with co- bartender Jake Corney, from their company, H&C Ice Company. Andy truly enjoys interacting with the guests and making them the perfect cocktail, from ice to spirit.

Andy Hack

Matt Sandoval

No stranger to the Riverwalk, San Antonio native Matthew Sandoval is mixing up cocktails behind the bar at Paramour with a dapper outfit and a grin on his face. Sandoval has not always had a hospitality background. He found his inspiration while working at Esquire Tavern in conjunction with Arcade Midtown Kitchen, where he met Chris Ware, General Manager/Bar Manager at Paramour. Sandoval then started bartending at Nao at the Culinary Institute of America San Antonio. Now Sandoval is reunited with Ware, this time leading the cocktail charge on a rooftop at Paramour.

Matt Sandoval

Paramour Seasonal Cocktails

Jack Rose

Lot Lizard

Me & Mrs. Jones

River Oaks Trash




First Class WASP

Hoffman House

Last Word

Educational Specials

Bee’s Knee’s


2 oz Gin
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.75 oz Honey Syrup

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